Smartphone behind the destruction of a generation

Promotion of fast communication between people is social media. But to many young people it is a different thing now. This is due to the increasing loneliness among young people. This generation of young people in iPhone is called ‘Aizen’. A report by The Atlantic shows the impact of smartphone on this generation’s mental health. It has been said in the report that nowadays teenagers spend less time with friends, dating between them, even the whole generation sleep less. Increasingly this rate of loneliness increases the incidence of cyber oppression, frustration, anxiety and suicides. In the report titled ‘How Smartphones Destroyed A Generation’, a summary of the Aijen generation using various information-data shows Professor Jean Tueenge of the University of San Diego, a psychology professor at the University of San Diego.

Authors have started their report with the description of phone calls to Athena. He writes, When Athena was given a phone call at noon, the iPhone started to speak with a swirling voice. 13 years old athlete. House Houston’s Texas She got her hands on 11 years of age. After learning about his favorite songs, TV shows or his time with friends, ideas about his generation can easily be found. When asked to do with friends what he likes to do. Athena said, to visit the mall. The generation difference between generations is easily seen. The idea of ​​a youth of the eighties could have been able to travel to the shopping mall for a couple of hours without leaving their parents.

Today’s Western teenagers adore the friends in a shopping mall with ease. If he goes with his parents, he keeps so much distance between the phone-tab so that he is stuck in the machine. Every moment you have to keep eyes on the screen. Athena spend more time on smartphones with friends. Snap-chat messages continue to take place. But think of a young man of the eighties, how much longer would they have to wait for a little story with a friend on the home land phone! Athena spent most of the summer holidays on the phone in the house. Many of the present generations are doing this. There is less chance of choosing life outside of the iPhone, iPad, In Athena, his phone seems more favorite than the real man.

Since 2012, a sudden change in the behavior and mental state of youth has started to change. The properties of the millennial generation disappeared among them. The researcher Neil Hough and William Strouse Millennial Generation used the first thing. The generation born between 1982 and 2004 is called Millennial Generation.

According to a study, the most important thing to the millennial generation is digital knowledge. However, this generation is also careful in achieving human qualities along with it. The biggest difference between Millennial and their predecessors is the view of seeing the earth. There is no difference in the views of the Milenians with the present generation of young people, and how they spend time, there is a difference. Their daily experience is even more different than the youth of a few years ago.

What happened in 2012, so that there was so much difference in behavior? The global recession of 2007 to 2009 has had a huge impact on the Millennial Generation. They are trying to survive financially. But in the United States, Smartphone behind the destruction of a generationsmartphone users exceed 50 percent. Those born between 1995 and 2012, they are called ‘Aizen’. This generation has grown up with the help of smartphones and social media. Their behavior and emotional style are different from the previous. Instagram account was created before going to high school, but there is no knowledge about any time before the internet. Millennials also grew up with the Internet. But their life was beyond that. According to Professor Toueng, there is no similarity with any generation until the 1930s. When the iPhone first came in the market in 2007, the Aijen generation was absolutely child. When the iPad comes in 2010, someone may be on the high school path In a survey of five thousand youths in the United States in 2017, it is found that three out of every four people have an iPhone. The advent of smartphones has changed the lives of young people greatly. It has changed the nature of social communication and mental health. They are more at risk of mental changes in Aizen. The tendency of depression and suicide among young people has increased since 2011.

In the last few decades, Aizen has been among the most psychological problems. They are not different because of their views, but their time is different from what they used to be. Every day they want different experiences and surprises. The eighths are far below the same roof as the parents of the mother and father than the previous generation. Nowadays young people with their parents talk less. They are said to say, ‘OK’, ‘OK’ is the national short answer. While talking to parents, they are seen to be busy with their phones. The family members have less minds. They put their eyes on the cell phone on the bed and sitting on the bed. There is no time to look around. To them the bed is a part of the body. Most of the time where do they want to stay? Looking at the screen of their home, mobile or tab, and often in depressed circumstances. Over the last decade, changing the child’s age has changed constantly. At the same time issues such as changes in curriculum and culture have also affected. But smartphones and social media have created an earthquake. With the coming of smartphones in the hands of young people, they are making them unhappy. Even the teenage youth of the West has reduced the trend of dating. Increased loneliness, frustration.

Even in this regard, they also got annoyed with the phone. The answer does not come when talking to a friend, the friend may be busy with the phone. Some of the parents are Facebook addicted. If you do not look at the face, look at the phone. Social media, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, promise these instant communications. But there is one proof after that, the more social media for many teenagers, the more sense of isolation. Mentally, they introduced more delicate attitudes than the Millennial Generation. Since 2011, the level of suicide and obesity in Aizen is increasing. To cut addiction to the smartphone, the author’s advice is to keep young people away from the smartphone as much as possible. Otherwise it will have an impact on his mental health. If you have to give a mobile phone to the hands of young people, it is a good phone call. Even if you give a smartphone, you have to determine how long it will use an app. They should be careful that they sleep well at night. Parents should take care of the teenager’s age, which does not use more than one to one and a half hours of the day.

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