The scientists of Bangladesh created light trap

The Bangladesh Rice Research Institute has invented solar-powered new light trap for the use of insect pests, observation and suppression of crop fields.

Once installed on this new spot, it will automatically burn in the absence of the sunlight and then again in the presence of the sunlight.

In Bangladesh, in the field of crop, the chemical is mainly used for suppressing insect, which is harmful.

Scientists say the new innovation, along with reducing the use of harmful pesticides, the environment will remain neutral.

Bidhan Chandra Nath, senior scientific officer of Rice Research Institute, said that the insects would come to light and die in the trap by attracting them to light. He said, as soon as the sun sets, the light trap will fire automatically and it will work only if you keep a light trap in one and a half bighas of land. But in response to a question about how to establish it, he said, a transparent 20-watt solar panel would be required for a light trap. There will be water and kerosene oil in a container under the light snare. The insects will come and get there.

Scientist Bidhan Chandra Nath said the insect came from the distance of 100 meters. And it does not need to be cleaned regularly. After 7/8 days, it will change water and throw dead insects.

But how will this machine get the farmer? Responding to the question, he said that it can be bought easily and they will also help. The transparent cost will be around one and a half thousand taka. And it can be used for a long time.

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