Do not do yourself harm to the office !

Want to read the boss or office? Stay in the office more often. Your promotion at the office can affect your promotion But for the life of this promotion, do not waste it! Giving more time to the office, social relations are going to get lost. The office is swallowing an employee’s active time in tired body. Not just damage. New research suggests that staff spending more time in office to increase the risk of heart or stroke.

The more surprising results are saying that the office is not benefiting from excessive time in the staff office. Employees are gradually losing competency to spend more time in the office. Their creativity is damaged, which is a loss for the office. Concerned information that has resulted from eight different researches across Europe

A survey done by workers who worked more than 55 hours a week showed that additional work hours increased the risk of atrial febrilation (FB). The heartbeat of the sufferers of aphobi became irregular. This can lead to clotting of blood clots, stroke or heart failure.

Do not do yourself harm to the office Studies done for 10 years have shown that more than 55 hours of people in the office increase the risk of being FBI by 40 percent.

The affected person suffers most of the physical problems. Obesity, high blood pressure are high due to spending more time in the office. People such as drinking or smoking also do more. Two years ago, research in the same data-base in Australia and the United States showed that people who spend extra time in the office are worried about the stroke. It has been confirmed that those who work in the construction company or work in the night shift, their fear of stroke increases by 4 percent!

However, it has also been found in the study that 2.1 percent of the people participating in the survey were actually suffocated. That means the risk level increases by 40 percent, but in reality, 1.7 percent of the cases have been affected. It is not possible for AFF to make any changes in life-habits, not smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive fatigue, and regular exercise. But these will not be of any use, if you spend more time in the office. Trying to show work may make the boss happy, but it is weakening your ‘heart’.

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