If you do not go, kill everyone

Thousands of Rohingyas, stuck in remote villages of northwestern Myanmar, were begging the authorities to give them the chance to get out safely. Local Buddhists have separated the villages and there is food crisis.

This is said in a Reuters report on Monday, according to data from the Rohingyas stuck there.

The name of one of the two villages is Ah Nouk Pine. From there, a Rohingya official named Maung Maung told Reuters on telephone, “We are scared. My food is going out and they are threatening to burn our homes. ‘

Another Rohingya said on condition of anonymity, local Buddhists in Rakhine came to the village and cried out, ‘Come on, otherwise we will kill everyone.’

Rohingya Muslims had a very cool relationship with the local Buddhists in Rakhine state. Meanwhile, on August 25, after a series of attacks on police in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, there was a severe deterioration of the situation. The Myanmar army started the operation and blamed the Rohingya rebels for the attack.

According to Reuters, after the start of military operations in Rakhine state, more than 4,30,000 Rohingyas fled and crossed into the border to Bangladesh.

Most of the Rohingyas fleeing are saying that the Burmese army is torturing, killing, raping and burning their homes in the name of suppressing the rebels.

RohingyaIn the wake of the situation, the United Nations says Myanmar is ‘ratifying ethnic cleansing’ of Rohingyas in Rakhine state.

But Myanmar authorities denied the allegations, saying they are conducting raid in the Rakhine state to curb rebels. The Myanmar authorities also claimed that the rebels are burning houses of Rohingyas.

Reuters reports that until the beginning of the recent violence, about 10 lakh Rohingyas had settled in the Rakhine state. Almost all of them had no permission to go outside of Rakhine State and they did not recognize them as their citizens. According to the majority of Buddhists in the country, Rohingya illegal immigrants coming from Bangladesh

Rakhine State Government Secretary Tin Meng Sui told Reuters he is working with the state’s Rathdong city authorities and he has no information about the Rohingya villagers seeking an opportunity to go safely.

Asked about the concerns of the Rohingya villagers, he said, “There is nothing to worry about. South of Rathod is completely safe. ‘

Myanmar police spokesman Miyo Tho Soe said that he had no information about Rohingya villagers. But assured that he will see the matter.

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