Who Gave Arms to Myanmar?

Myanmar gained independence from the British in 1948. Since then, the army has influenced the country’s politics and foreign policy. The army has ruled Myanmar for more than half a century. Since the beginning of 1990, the European Union and the United States have issued several sanctions and punitive measures in Myanmar.

In 2012, Myanmar came to the path of so-called democracy. At that time these blockade was a bit relaxed. Although the European Union’s arms embargo is still effective in the country. From 1990 to 2016, an analysis of al-Jazeera showed that the army of Myanmar was the biggest weapon to buy from Russia and China. Apart from this, India, Israel and Ukraine are also the major arms suppliers of Myanmar.

From 1990 to 2016, the Myanmar Army bought the most warships from China. Myanmar bought 120 warships from China 64 from Russia, 35 from Poland, 20 from Germany, 12 from former Yugoslavia, 9 from India, 3 from Switzerland and 1 in Denmark by the Myanmar army. By this time Russia has been the country’s largest missile supplier in Myanmar. Myanmar bought 2,000 971 missiles from Russia Then there is China. 1,229 missiles from China bought from Myanmar bought 10 missiles from Belarus, 100 from Bulgaria and 10 missiles from Ukraine.

Who Gave Arms to Myanmar?Myanmar bought a little less shipwreck in 26 years. 21 vessels have been bought from China. Three vessels from the former Yugoslavia and three from the Indian were bought from India. Myanmar buys most of China’s armored vehicles from China 696 armored vehicles bought from China 120 from Israel, 50 from Ukraine, and 20 armored goons from India.

At this time, Myanmar has bought the highest artillery (artillery) from China. 125 cannons are bought from China. Then bought 120 from Serbia, 100 from Russia, 21 from Israel, 16 from North Korea and 10 cannons from India.

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